into the patient’s putamen

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Rich Girl Stout - TWEAK Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout - Irish Blessing Oak-Aged Coffee Stout - Chocolate Coffee Stout – Genessee Mountain Rainbow Espresso Oatmeal Stout - Tickle Party Stout – Imperial Almond Chocolate Stout – Dark Galaxie Oatmeal Milk Stout Widow Maker Imperial Oatmeal Stout – Quit Stalin Russian Imperial Stout – Stout Month Private Reserve Imperial Stout - Imperial Stout - Son of a Baptist Imperial Stout – Orange is the New Stout – Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout – Hogshead Extra Stout – Fade To Black, Vol. 1 – Ryrish Stout – Over The Moon Vanilla Milk Stout  – Shiso Heavy Stout – Genius Wizard Russian Imperial Stout – O’Connell’s Leadville Stout – Mr. Sandman Imperial Stout – Autumnal Molé Stout – Foreign Extra Stout – Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Love Stout - Ski-In- Ski-Stout – Dry Irish Stout – Colorado Buckeye Imperial Stout – Double Chocolate Smores Stout\

Soft Young Sprouts

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瓜食めばUri hameba   When I eat melons子ども思ほゆKodomo omohoyuMy children come to my mind;栗食めばKuri hameba   When I eat chestnutsまして偲はゆMashite shinowayuThe longing is even worse.何処よりIzuku yori   Where do they come from,来りしものそKitarishi monosoFlickering in my feet.眼交にManakai ni   Making me danceもとな懸りてMotona kakariteEndlessly night after night.安眠し寝さぬYasui shi nasanuI love mellons and chestnuts?

It comes and goes

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You have to go look for happiness in life, find it in the things that make you feel alive. Life is not something to be preserved or protected, it is to explored and lived to the full." -Killian Jornet 

The World is Big Enough

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Franz Anton Mesmer arrives in Paris to present a 

You Belong

revolutionary theory to the French Academy of Sciences.

The Wold is big Enough

He claims he has harnessed a universal life-force called 

You Belong 

‘animal magnetism’ that can cure all disease.

There is enough space. 

ーーー ヒシューーー カカカ

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The Golden Ticket

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